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Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2010 in Brazil

Wed, 02/17/2010 - 1:26PM by wahyupambudi87 0 Comments -

If you are heading to Brazil for the Carnival 2010, you should know that there a lot of places outside Rio de Janiero which also celebrate the Carnival. Brazil's carnival is a celebration of life and freedom. It draws its inspiration from the pagan festival Saturnalia and is said to be a farewell to all the bad things in life. The festival draws its roots from a variety of elements including European, African and Native American cultures. The carnival is celebrated in different ways across the country. Although some of the cities might not have anything even remotely half as grand as the Carnival in Rio, there are some places in the country which are worth checking out- for their own unique spirit and excitement.


Just so the kinky guys who are looking at the pictures - and the ones who posted them - know, there are other things in our Carnival but almost naked women. You should try checking videos on youtube, there you can find ALL the joy and happiness of the celebration, not just the nudity who was posted here and made you think every girl in Brazil is a whore.



now thats what you call a party!



Lin...I+m sorry but your carnival is only about that and yes we think all Brazilian girls are whores and yes that's why we visit Rio every year during carnival. Sad but true.



Lin, I'm brazilian too but even I think that the girls of Carnaval are whores. (desculpa cara, eu sou brazuca mas tbem acho que as minas do carnaval sao tudo puta).



Who friggin cares - that some HOT chicks!



Looks like fun:) Hope to go there some day.



Hey Lin...looking at those pictures is not "kinky"...some of them are beautiful women and there's nothing wrong with that. We don't all think they're whores and we know there's more to Carnival than that. And there's no "nudity." Sheesh.(Also, they're not all women...shhhh)



Sad but true? hahahaThink before you speak, jerk.Every country has their useless women, of course, but we don't say all women from that country are whores. Maybe that's just me, but it's just pathetic of you to think you are superior.



Weell, anonymous, you are very mistaken. Rio's carnival is about naked women and a little bit of history (on the parades), yes. But do you know how we celebrate carnival in our other states? Do you even know what the hell you're talking 'bout? How many brazilian women do YOU know?



Anonymous #1,Don't pretend you know our culture and our people based on the drunk ones you watch on TV during Carnival. Not everyone is like that. ;)I know we have some women there that just want some attention and money, but there is much more than that. Try looking here, for instance: http://g1.globo.com/Carnaval2010/0,,GF79781-17850,00-VEJA+FOTOS+DO+DESFI... (this one was one of the winners)Brazilian Anonymous Guy: I know a lot of women who go there just to dance and be in the middle of, you know, the "happiness" oO onde tu mora?Anonymous # 4: I didn't mean to call everyone "kinky". I'm sorry if I made you think that and, most of all, if you felt bad about it. I'm just saying that showing a bunch of women doesn't tell everything about our Carnival. And, yeah, posting a close on the girl's ass is not nudity just because she has her 'clothes' on? How about "semi nudity", is that better for you? I can call it this way, then. =)



anonymous 1..you are such an idiot.You are so damn stupid with poor culture. such a pig. Like we call here in brazil: um babaca.



e pro brazuca aí que chamou as brasileiras de putas, inclui sua mãe nessa. (and for the brasilian dude who has called all brasilian girls whores, he included his own mother for sure)



As I've said before they are all whores and I know what I'm talking about cos' I've lived & worked in Brazil for 6 years and I've seen that all they want is money and sex and that's true. I'm sorry your country is in that situation right now but I wouldn't like any Brazilian girl to be my wife...Yes they are good for sha..ging and that's all...sorry



Especially they like to f.u.c.k in the a.s.s. and thank good they have really big a.s.s :)))


Mohamed ElAttar

Of course, the carnival is not all about just nudity. It has cultural aspects and more about having fun. You may know that Rio has been voted as the happiest city in the world. I beleve that people see their interested, so if you are interested in nudity that what will catch your eye. If you are more into cultural aspects, you will notice them and so. For me I see Rio carnival as a great tradition and I hope I will be able to attend the 2011 version. Long way from Egypt my friends, but let's hope.



anonimous who lived in Brazil for 6 years probably knew women like his mother. You are such an SOB. An perfect idiot. Go study a bit about brazil (FOR REAL) seu filho duma égua idiota. I have more respect for bitches than people like you. Stupid and with prejudice. im sorry you have met whores. Maybe is only kind of woman you can attract. pity. We have nice respectful women here, but probably they would never look at you because they are too intelligent to get involved with a pig like you.


paul the pirate (Yar!)

The nudity isn't about being prudish or whorish. It's about it being 106 degrees, being admired, and admiring beauty. Yes it pushes limits, but Brazil is still 90+% Catholic, and the next 40 days are traditionally no fun whatsoever. The Brazilian need for balance in all things has to be addressed. My wife was a Samba dancer, and although she's an American citizen now, we enjoy returning to Carnival when we can. The odds of getting into the pants of a Brazilian woman is the same as it is elsewhere- variable, depending on the woman, though slightly easier and more rewarding in general than with American women, but harder than with Europeans.


Carnival in Rio De Janeiro Brazil

Once more, it is Carnival Season in many countries around the world with a Roman Catholic heritage. Celebrations and parades are put on just prior to the observance of Lent. Over the past few weeks parades and celebrations have taken place throughout Europe, the Caribbean and South America. An estimated 730,000 foreign tourists, many fleeing snowy winter conditions in Europe and the United States, traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for this year's celebrations. Collected here are a handful of images from some of the elaborate celebrations of this Carnival season.


Carnaval Rio de Janeiro

carnaval do rio de janeiro nos desfiles das escolas de samba do grupo especial e de acesso a no Sambódromo, notícias, enredos e ensaio técnico.



For the guy that lived in rio for 6 years...I know what happened to you here!...you are one of those geeky ugly foreigners from europe or america that couldn´t nail anybody but a 2 dollar whore...and/or the one you dated for a while got tired of you and went for a REAL man...And one other thing...i went to nightclubs in europe and america...the girls there are pretty "kinky"!...


parti favors

Wow!!!! Great Carnival In Brazil.Beautiful girls and their trendy dresses.Amazing.



Tut, tut,........This goes to Anonymous 1, the ol' chap who claimed to have live, AND WORKED - he said, in Brazil for.... 6 years!They must have been the worst 6 years of your existence!.....judging from the attitude you have.The women must have really crapped on you all that time!You should thoroughly be ashamed of yourself, .....you're still being crapped on now, in other places I'm sure, but here on this board as well!I'm not from Brazil, nor am I from Europe or America, but I have been around to know that Brazilian women are no different from women all over the world. The only difference between the women of each country I know, is the way they express themselves. Some are more direct than others but they all like to be well taken care of and that means financially as well sexually.Brazilian girls, for the most part are Very Warm, outward, fun loving people that express themselves openly with out inhibition, in dress as well as action, the way it should be in my opinion. Quite unlike some other types more evident in other Nationalities, that hide and pretend; actions pointing one way, but intention going in the other... Brazilians are direct and I like them for it.As far as you are concerned, it seems you can't handle that.I really wonder where you are from....



Yes its disgusting.. Because These women can Show ur humanity with only showing their naked bodies?? I m a man but i embaressed about this people's moral values! Rio carnaval is a market of bodies, meats!! Even i like sexy latin girls bodies i cant approve this, i cant respect these women they remind me only sex for 5 dollars!.. I m sad for their men.. Collapse of Morality...


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